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Imagine Your Day


Picture in your mind that your royal day has arrived. Trumpeteers in regal costume or tux play at your command to make your royal day a memorable one. Give your day a touch of royalty! You have a choice...royal costumes in blue and silver, gold or red with matching banners and pedestals. Or choose tuxes with bow ties and cummerbunds to match the colors of your bridal party. You may like a different look during the wedding – tuxes at the ceremony and costumes at the reception. We can even put your monogram or national flag on your banners as a keepsake.

See your color options


Imagine all the excitement on your wedding day. Picture your trumpeteers outside your house as you leave for

your ceremony. You're the star as friends and neighbors cheer you on..the ultimate block party!

Did we mention great photos and videos?


Your guests will be thrilled with Royal Fanfares as they arrive at your ceremony greeted by the

impressive sounds of Fanfare Brass.


Arrive at your ceremony in style! Your parading Color Guard of trumpeteers meets your limo with banners up,

and signals your arrival with a command performance for a dramatic Cinderella approach.

What could be more thrilling!


Imagine walking down the aisle to the splendor of Fanfare Brass playing “Here Comes the Bride”.

You will truly feel like a Queen!


Ceremony at Hall or Garden? Your trumpeteers play a fanfare to present you...then highlight your walk down the aisle with banners criss-crossed behind you for fabulous mid-aisle photos and videos. It's simply unforgettable!


The First Walk…Your ceremony ends with a kiss.

Imagine walking back up the aisle for the first time as Mr. and Mrs.!

Fanfare Brass salutes the royal couple from the loft or escorts you back up the aisle with a backdrop of

banners for great photos and videos.


The Royal Flourish…Let Fanfare Brass create magical moments after your ceremony. Your first appearance

to the cheers of your guests, your photos with the bridal party, your toss of rose petals or bubbles...and grand departure.


The Magic of Fanfare Brass transforms your reception into a truly royal gala.

The Greeting...Thrill your guests as each person receives a royal fanfare.

Arrive in Style…Trumpeteers, in a command performance signal the arrival of the bride and groom, escorting

the couple into the bridal suite with banners high.


Let the Feast Begin…Your trumpeteers end cocktail hour with musical flourishes, leading guests into the dining room.


The Royal Entrance …Imagine entering as royalty as Fanfare Brass heralds your grand entrance.

Arched banners of Fanfare Brass open up the entrance to the Wedding Bridge You’ll be introduced as Mr. and Mrs. for the very first time. Your trumpeteers escort you in a joyous walk around as you enter to the cheers of your guests. Encore photo spectacular!


A Special Moment…Honor your Best Man and Maid of Honor! Fanfare Brass signals their

toast, and tops it off with a backdrop of colorful banners. A Photographer’s delight!



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