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Music for your Ceremony & Cocktail Hour


Whether you are walking down the aisle to the sounds of strings, harp or keyboard, we make every effort to honor your musical requests. We don't take this lightly.


We know that you will remember the sounds of your wedding day and we will be there for you. We don't assume that you're an expert on wedding music. If you need help, (and who doesn't), we can gladly provide you with a list of songs that you can choose from – easily available for you to hear online. The more questions you ask us about your music and your ceremony, the better it is for you. And that's our only concern--to make you comfortable with your selections and to answer all of your questions about your options.


For the same reason we will ask you to provide a program of your ceremony, either in written form or by email. We will forward the information to your musicians ahead of time so that they will be aware of when and when NOT to play!


All this preparation results in one thing – your peace of mind!


Something magical happens when you have live music for your ceremony and cocktail hour. You’ll always remember the sound of your music at your ceremony when you walk down the aisle.


Strings, harp and piano are appropriate for both ceremony and cocktail hour and wallet friendly as a package.


The classical sounds of a string/flute trio or quartet create an atmosphere your guests will love...always in style. Formal, yet entertaining. For ceremony or cocktails.


Angelic harp music creates an elegant mood for your ceremony and cocktails. Beautiful to look at, heavenly sounds. Indoors or outdoor setting.


For ceremony and/or cocktail hour. We provide our own high powered sound system – indoors or outdoors.

Experienced, versatile, always a hit!


Let Fanfares provide a dove release after your wedding ceremony. After a short prayer or reading, the white doves are released from beautiful baskets... they soar into the sky, reflecting your hopes and dreams, symbolizing a new beginning, peace and love – all coordinated with your photos and videos.  A good luck charm for your wedding!



Having live music honors your guests with respect and consideration. Your musicians interact with your guests,

up close and personal… they play requests, too! Lots of smiles all around.

Isn’t that the message you’d like to convey to your guests?


Other great options for your cocktail hour...


Enjoy a touch of Old World elegance. Our performers play right at your table, up close and personal, taking requests and returning the smiles!


Light jazz perfectly complements your cocktail hour or buffet. Bass, guitar, sax, duo or trio – either way,

a sophisticated touch.


It's fiesta time! Mariachis in full costume (with sombreros) sing and stroll around your cocktail / dinner tables to delight your guests with Romantic love songs.


Throw a calypso party for cocktail hour. Let the festive rhythms and songs of the Caribbean put your guests

in a party mood!


Celebrate with the Celtic touch of pipers in full costume to greet your guests at your ceremony or in an impressive "walkaround" during the reception.



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