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The Fanfare Way


We’ve often been asked, why should I choose Fanfares when I have other options?

(Let us count the ways.)


Yes, we employ only experienced, professional trumpeters.

Yes they’re trained at the best music schools (Juilliard, etc).

Yes, they sound and look great.

But don’t hire us just for that. Any company can put professional trumpeters in a uniform to stand near

the guests when they arrive…anyone! We don’t use you as a prop to show off how great we play.


It’s all about you. You’re our center of attention, from the moment your trumpeteers escort you to the

venue with our signature Color Guard and Command Performance all the way to the First Dance.

You’re the star. We’re your supporting cast.


We don’t just blow our own horn…we use our talents to make you look good!

Our performers always adjust their sound so it’s never too loud for you or your guests.

Our focus is on you—not us! You’re the reason for the day.

You want more than living statues who play music with little contact with your guests.

It’s not about the music. After all you have your DJ or Band for that.

You want personable performers who interact with you and your guests.

We’re not more than you need, we’re just more than you’re used to!


But don’t just take our word for it…ask your own wedding pros what they think of Fanfares!

We have a great reputation, and for good reason…Other wedding pros know we go the extra mile to

make sure you’re completely satisfied. Isn’t that what you expect?

We ask you all kinds of questions in advance, so we can prepare, and you can have peace of mind.

For the money you’re paying for your wedding, it’s the least we can do!


We want you to anticipate Fanfares, to experience fun on your wedding day, and to have wonderful memories

(and photos) afterwards…(that’s why we memorize all the music – so our performers don’t have their heads

down, reading music notes and detracting from the photos).


If you’re looking for great photos and videos,

If you’re looking to surprise your fiancé and guests,

If you want your wedding to stand out from all the others –

You need Fanfare Brass...Royalty has arrived!


Marty and Pat for Fanfares.


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